Posted on August 9, 2009

It is noteworthy that the Democratic supporters of health care reform and Organizing for America, the arm of the Democratic Party that grew out of the Obama campaign, NEVER mention the word INDEPENDENTS.  Could it be that they are still needed for re-election in 2012?

No, the baddies in health care reform are ALL Republicans and, according to the Democrats and now the President (he wants those who created this mess to get out  of  the way), they spend their nights organizing storm troopers to disrupt meetings (I think most people are intelligent enough to realize that that tactic is not the way to garner support). They talk about “organized” disruptions and “mobs.” I had thought Organizing for America was a group that organized.  They communicate regularly with people on their list and inflame and muster their impassioned action in support of their position on issues by the language they use in their communications. They could chose not to repeat the so called threats and comments heard at Town Hall meetings.
Where is that warning voice that will remind us that continuing down this road can only lead to more division and more disruption. It is as if the Administration wants to encourage division and by the actions of the President himself beginning with his initial comments during the Gates affair, he is the divider in chief.

Wake up independents. You are being manipulated and used.  The President and  his men are not excoriating you. In being silent and in not identifying yourselves as independents, you are feeding into their theory that only Republicans can and are opposed to health care reform as the bill stands now. I venture to say most Americans are up for some kind of health care reform but not a reform that strips us of so much choice.

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