Obama Digs Himself A Big Hole – Accepts Nobel Prize and Pressure to Deliver on Promises

Posted on October 11, 2009

Obama National ServiceSecond Thoughts for October 11, 2009

by SamHenry

Hope has to do with the future and Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize is based firmly in that location.  He gave the world hope; Norway gave him the Nobel Peace Prize.

Now for payback. What will the President do to live up to his promise of hope? There isn’t much hope for us on the home front:

  • High energy costs will result with the passage of cap and trade.  This will force more displacement throughout the economy.
  • Senior citizens in the US – the largest growing segment relative to age- are now the most pressured and perhaps the most dissatisfied group in the US and the most fearful about the future. The government is counting on cuts in Medicare and Medicade to finance a large part of health care reform.  They have instituted a freeze on Social Security payments.  Low income rates on previously “safe” investments are causing a loss in retirement income that follows upon losses in the stock market.  The heavy hand of the government is behind this as well.
  • The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are costly in terms of lives and dollars. The programed pace of resolving a plan for Afghanistan has taken a toll on morale both in theater and at home.
  • Government debt to foreign nations is beginning to produce consequences. Witness the recent decision NOT to receive the Dalai Lama at the White House under pressure from China.  The Dalai Lama has been welcomed there since 1991. Telegraph.co.uk.  India is particularly concerned by Obama’s seeming “Chinamania” with traffic back and forth between diplomats at an all time high. Asia Times.

The higher the honor based on future performance, the deeper the hole if he doesn’t meet expectations.  An expectation curve is a dangerous thing.  Think of it in just a small area.  You set up a service in a public library for say photocopying.  Patrons expect that service to be there when they make the effort to come in.  The library is pressured to ensure that it has a service contract with a vendor that is reliable. When a patron comes in and the service is not there for him/her, then the hope for help fades and distrust in things advertised diminishes.

To further complicate Obama’s position, his allies at home and abroad are loyal only insofar as he is giving them what they want.  But will what they want be impossible to give them?  And even if he does produce those results, will they be the best scenario for overall success?  In short, the ground is constantly shifting under Obama.

Barack has an overwhelming challenge. Like it or not, the world has had to adjust to an America that is no longer as influential as it once was – a dollar that is falling, foreign debt at dangerous highs, domestic programs with cost, foreign nations influencing foreign policy and a young, untested  president at the helm. Expectations from this nation are at a high level no matter the president. But to meet these expectations with less leverage will be almost impossible And, what will the world see as his problems and not those inherent in our system or those he has inherited?

But for Barack Obama as a new source for hope? Well, that hope recently backfired on him.  His new political “pal” Hugo Chavez encouraged President Obama to attend the IOC deliberations.  In the end, Chavez’s Brazil went away with that prize; Obama returned home with a PR loss of gigantic proportion on his hands. To reach out to new allies so quickly can be problematic, especially when they are brilliant tacticians like Chavez.  Chavez earned two prizes:  The Olympics and the ability to limit the international influence of Barack Obama through his insistance that he participate at Copenhagen.

Now a cloud of doubt hangs over the oval office. Even promises such as the end of the military’s policy “don’t ask, don’t tell” seem out of reach at the moment.  Will he be able to regain his momentum and reaffirm his influence on the international stage?  Don’t ask!

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