Nelson’s Treason Crowns Seniors as the Throwaway Generation

Posted on December 20, 2009

Seniors in America, Predator Ben Nelson’s defection in the Senate makes cuts in Medicare services the key to funding the inclusion of  additional people on Medicare. We on Medicare have now been crowned as “the Throwaway Generation.”  Seniors have not been a group to which the Administration or Congress has had to apply their over-used political correctness. Elders do not matter to them. All they did was slam pro Senior health care people as “death panel” nut cakes.

So, this is the end of the medical care we came to expect under Medicare. This is the end of the government grandfathering people already in retirement programs.

This is not an obituary for past expectations and level of care but a call to action.

1. Take someone aged 25 – 40 to lunch!  We need young allies. We need to wake them up to that which they have lost in their own future. We need to make them identify with us as their future just as the Ghost of Christmas Future had Scrooge identify with his. All we are to younger people now is a means to save money and people you would not want to get behind in traffic. We need to recruit them – but to do what?

2. We need to organize specifically around Medicare health care issues based on this bill which will undoubtedly become law. Why, isn’t it past the time of being able to do something? No,  because there will be amendments proposed in the future that will further erode health care for the elderly.  Short term, stick close to websites like, and others that will direct you to actions that can be taken NOW to defeat passage of this bill – at least by the end of this year.

3. Regardless of AARP claims that the recent spate of lost members due to their health care stand cannot hurt them, continue to notify them of your resignation and why.

4. If you are planning to get durable medical goods or if you and your doctor should be discussing them- discuss them or purchase them under Medicare ASAP.  I am nurturing a gut feeling that this will become a big area of change.

It will not help here to go over sections in the bill or proposed amendments. Why? Because we have learned that changes will happen in the night or on holiday weekends. As stated above, we have not seen all of what is planed for Medicare and its services.

If you know of legitimate groups devoted  to fighting for the health care rights of the elderly involved in Medicare, let us know by leaving comments on this post. Your post will be reviewed and if civil and not spam, your comment will be allowed.

Long-term we hope to see an organization pull away from the pack that really does seek to protect the rights of the elderly.  It must be powerful enough to work against the lobbyists, unions, the government worker bees and the AARPs of the world. It will not help to re-invent the wheel and start an organization from the ground up to do the job. Advocating by and for yourself will just not work in this instance.

Here is the start of a list:

Americans For Prosperity (AFP) – John Stossel is part of this group.

And remember, a society is judged on how well it protects the weakest among them.

Be vigilant and stay in touch,



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