Queen Elizabeth – Christmas on the Cheap at Aged 80

Posted on December 20, 2009

I am not any happier than the Queen to see that she has to take public transportation

Where has all the glitter gone? Why else do we let the house of Windsor survive?  They are the ceremony experts of the world and we love watching them.  “A cat can look at a king” as the saying goes.

During the Great Depression, Hollywood got its big push from people saving to stream into the Busby Berkley films with millions of dolled up dancing girls. We think of royalty in the same way – a show to get our minds off things we cannot have – not now anyway.

Queen boards train for Sandringham. The Prince is already at the estate. But isn't there someone else who could hand her up into the coach?

So it was with sadness that I saw Queen Elizabeth, at age roughly 80, board an ordinary train to go to Sandringham for Christmas.  Apparently, it costs an unbelievable amount to get out the Royal railroad cars. They will be next on the block.  The yacht, Britannia already has been sold.

The Queen soon settled into her seat next to one of the protection agents. There were fewer of them than in the past.

Could it be…oh no.  Perhaps under British health care she is at an age (80) when she is expendable?


Based on article in The Mail Online.

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