Why the Goal Posts Are Now in Yemen

Posted on December 28, 2009

Yemen has responded to the most recent incident of terrorism by a round up of 29 suspected al-Qaeda operatives that were planning attacks on oil installations, government buildings and foreign targets. This follows an earlier confrontation with al-Qaeda in which the leader in Yemen and the US Iman operative who had been in contact with the Ft. Hood shooter were both killed.

With a weak government and a strategic location on the Arabian peninsula across from their bases in Somalia, al-Qaeda has been attracted to the area. But the neighboring Saudis have not only noted the same advantages to al-Qaeda but have been contending with cross border conflicts with Shi’ite Muslims. Especially troublesome has been the al-Qaeda union of their forces in Yemen and Saudi Arabia which they call al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

As a result, Yemen has drawn military support from both the US and the Saudis. US equipment and special forces are now in the area.  Many believe that the growing US military presence in the area was the spark that ignited the attack on the Delta airliner at Christmas.

Regardless of motive or cause, has Al’Qaeda “unmasked” our military activities in Yemen before we would have wanted this to happen?  What will the international community do about this?

UPDATE 2:20 PM CNN – AQAP has claimed responsibility for the thwarted bombing of the Delta aircraft on Christmas Day.


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