BREAKING: Paul Begala’s Lowlife Remarks RE Palin and FOX Outrageous

Posted on January 11, 2010

Just said; Just in:

4:45 PM – When Wolf Blitzer told Paul Begala that Sarah Palin was going to be a contributor at FOX, the unabashedly coarse and back biting socialist opened his mouth to say:

  • He hoped she doesn’t quit like she did in Alaska.
  • She would be joining all of the other ignorant Right Wingers at Fox News.

Earlier on CNN Palin’s IQ had been discussed.  How is it OK to take pot shots at someone’s IQ on national TV?  For many, it would be called slander. At the very least it is not responsible journalism.

The show continued with Cafferty’s question: Is Harry Reid’s career over?  Jack, the question this hour has changed: Is Paul Begala’s?

Just think of all the Democrats with big fat foul mouths. They never get the message.

Question:  Where are all of the outraged women – Democrat, Independent and Republican who have had it with male politicos damming Sarah Palin in ways no male politician would be?  We need to make it so that these kinds of remarks require national apologies from figures in politics and the press.  Are we going to sit idly by and let sexism rear its ugly head again and again?  No woman deserves the kinds of demeaning remarks about her intelligence.

CNN pundits like Begala are convinced that Paliln’s new assignment at FOX means that she will not be running in 2012. Don’t count on it, boys. This is just the most excellent opportunity she has to cut her teeth on foreign and domestic issues while fine tuning her debating skills..


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