Obama Packs Up His Lies and Heads to Massachusetts

Posted on January 16, 2010

Our North American dictator, El Obama, has ordered his men at Organizing for America [formerly the Obama Campaign Organization that he turned over to the Democratic Party upon being elected President] to gather the storm troopers for an assault on Massachusetts where the embattled Scott Brown and his supporters have been standing their ground firing ideas heard ’round the world.

A letter went out from OFA Saturday the 9th stating:

No matter where you live, you can play an essential role. OFA volunteers around the country are calling key Massachusetts voters and making sure they know when and where to vote, and how important electing Martha Coakley is to the country.

Does Scott Brown have an organization run by the proxies for the highest  elected official in this country marshaling people from out-of-state to join in a national phone bank to support  him?

On Wednesday the 13th, as the race tightened, OFA sent out another e-mail to Barack Obama supporters requesting money and personnel:

OFA is putting together a massive voter turnout effort to make sure Obama voters get back to the polls this time around — but we need your help to pay for it. Please donate $5 or more to OFA to help fund our organizing, including our work to elect Martha Coakley.

It’s a huge effort, it’s expensive, and time is short. But with the outcome uncertain and the stakes sky-high, I don’t want to wake up the morning after the election thinking that we could have done something more. If you feel the same way, please donate $5 or more to help us make Martha Coakley the next senator from Massachusetts.

OFA is going all out in Massachusetts — we’re sending organizers, knocking on doors, and making phone calls by the tens of thousands to make sure that folks know how to participate.

Well, the forces of evil finally said it: “But with the outcome uncertain and the stakes sky-high, I don’t want to wake up the morning after the election thinking that we could have done something more.”

Then when it came to light that Scott Brown was 4 points ahead in the polls of Martha Coakley, an out went an e-mail  on the 15th from Joe Biden, oft-time Vice-President of the United States and always late to the party.  It was sent to Obama supporters [using the same OFA list] assailing Republican Scott Brown for opposing the president’s plan to tax large Wall Street firms to recoup money from the bailout.  He went on to say that Brown would not stand either with the President or with Massachusetts voters on issues important to them. [Taragana.com]

That same day, Obama rolled out the big guns after having denied travel plans for MA:

The White House had been saying for days that the president had “no plans” to go to Massachusetts, but the loss of the Senate seat would greatly complicate, if not doom, the fate of health-care reform legislation moving through Congress.

White House officials played down the significance of the president’s trip, saying only that Obama is happy to be able to accept the campaign’s invitation.

“We’re not on the ballot. There’s a campaign in Massachusetts going on. We’re happy to lend our support,” said press secretary Robert Gibbs. “I think the president believes he can be helpful and is happy to accept the invitation.” [Washington Post]

“We’re not on the ballot?  Excuse me? Your agenda is on the ballot, Barack. Lies, lies and more LIES.

That’s a lot of Washington activity within a week by an Administration that only the previous week had waxed unconcerned about and had remained distant from the Massachusetts election.  They are not only watching the polls, they are watching Coakley. Having taken 6 vacation days from the campaign that signaled her confidence in the results, she made another ill-fated trip – this time to Washington 12 January.  There her companion thugs pushed a noted journalist to the ground following a fundraiser thrown for her by lobbyists and union reps.  But did the big guns haul her down there?

Just to shore up the situation, Congress got in on the act.  Friday Reid and Pelosi announced that the health care bill could be passed without worry of the outcome in Massachusetts.  There was a neat workaround to the 60 vote minimum.  They would not need the Massachusetts no-vote, thank you.

The ultimate for this blogger was when Coakley herself struck out with attacks on what she called”shadowy out-of-state organizations” [Tea Party types] running ads supporting Brown. [Michelle Malkin] How about a shadowy President following your every move and then showing up on your doorstep this Sunday, Marth?  Talk about out-of-town ads.  And per usual, we in the rest of the nation have to pay for it.

Oh, and wonder why health care reform legislation continues to move through Congress, finance legislation is proposed, and other Obama initiatives continue forward while the world concentrates on other major issues such as Haiti?  Remember all of those Czars?  Obama has storm troopers for his storm troopers.  You have to marvel at his chutzpah – and his lies.


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