Barack; Leave the Banks Alone. Under your “leadership” the economy is tumbling.

Posted on January 22, 2010

So  Barack talked tough about Bank regulation yesterday and the Stock Market went down considerably.   I don’t think the US needs more layoffs in the financial sector – or in any sector actually.  It is as if he has a dart board and yesterday, Banks were in the bullseye!

Recovery money certainly has not come to the airline industry.  Desperate companies are now charging fees to put luggage in the hold.  I love paying to have my bag  lost or stolen.  More recently, the airline I flew to Florida yesterday asked passengers to clean up the aircraft for the next flight.  There were four loud announcements from the flight attendant: “pick up your trash, check the seat pocket, check under and around your seat.”  At the baggage claim [whick I reached in spite of unclear sinage when there was any,] I was chatting with people that had been on board with me . We exprressed both shick and surprise at having to help clean the airplane.  Then I expressed concern about vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms.

An airline reprresentative walked by and said under her breath: “you’re right. We don’t know if the planes are being vacuumed or bathrooms cleaned.  The entire cleaning division was dropped recently.  Well, there you have it.”  Our standard of living is going down in all areas of he economy.  Do us all a favor, Barack.  Stay away from the banks, the auto companies, the student loan business – all sectors of our economy – including airlines.  Every time you march into an area, it does not improve. Witness General Motors – still struggling.

You have poured a lot of stimulous money into the economy and that was not enough debt to evoke so now you are calling for more.  With so many out of work, no one can afford a vacation so few are supporting the travel industry.  As a result, Mr. President, I have become a maintenance worker for the airlines every time I board a flight.  You should try cleaning up after yourself on Airforce One.  Now that would make this a socialist country – you joining us in this work.


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