Quick Hits – Soros Unhappy with Obama’s Record; Uncertainty Over China; Humour in Hawaii;

Posted on February 28, 2010

Here’s a mainstream media change to make anyone rejoice. CNN has recast to their Sunday morning lineup.  Liberal, yes but reason escapes now and again and those moments are worth the wait.  Fareed Zakaria is happily broadcast at 10 am and 1 pm. Formerly it was 1:00 PM and 5:00 pm.

George Soros, long-time Obama supporter surprised us as he told Fareed Zakaria that he has not been happy with Obama’s handling of the economy to date. Then he infuriated us by saying Obama should have nationalized the banks. OK, know thine enemy and study his moves and all that.

Zakaria’s program, GPS now runs at 10AM and repeats at 1:00. The website is http://www.cnn.com/CNN/Programs/fareed.zakaria.gps/. Once shows have aired, main parts do appear on the web page.

I heartily agreed with George Soros about China. They don’t know what’s really in our minds and they do not know what’s in ours. This is a situation that bears watching. It is not a good sign. He went on to say that China that has an economy currently somewhat state-controlled but that if it wanted to grow, it would have to give more freedom to markets. He said China needs to take its global responsibilities as the leader but it cannot expect that as leader it can tell the world economy what to do.

And in Hawaii, a relative was in Kona in a beautiful spot on the shore line. As a tsunami raced toward the islands. the sirens revved up at around 6:00 AM. He tweeted his friends: “Let me get this straight. We have to get away from the water and move toward a live volcano”?  This was followed by “Who is this woman,Sue Nammay, and why are people running away from her”?

Later he painted a picture of an island in waiting:

Kona harbor virtually empty as boats head out to deep water safety! About a mile off shore they are in 1500 feet+ Sirens are on continuously.

We now note that Hawaii dodged a bullet.  A grateful nation went to bed able to sleep.


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