Health Care and Financial Reform and What Next? Obama Piling it On

Posted on March 17, 2010

Do Congressmen have enough time in a day to research and or study up on latest moves in the Obama Administration’s legislative initiatives? During the last precious moments to battle health care reform, Senator Dodd introduced a financial reform bill. And then adding the amendment to health care reform about the government takeover of student loans – he just keeps piling it on.

Concurrently there are other important areas in which the Administration is active or that it is actively investigating. This is just the way Obama likes it – moving on multiple fronts to kick up so much dust that major moves are hidden. He is also counting on our nation’s high rate of ADD [Attention Deficit Disorder] to do the rest of the job.

Then the big issue to track will be preliminary moves toward drafting legislation on immigration reform. Last week the specter of this battle reared its ugly head as David Axelrod announced last weekend it needed to be considered separately from health care. But proposals should hit the deck this year. With his penchant for reorganization, who knows what department we will have to monitor for this activity.

It is certain that his staff are working to draft legislation to revamp our education system beyond a consideration of loan funding through the federal government and release of tarp monies to boost secondary education. Do you honestly think Obama will stand for states like Texas passing legislation to force a conservative history rewrite that removes Jefferson from a major roll in our country’s history and raises Jefferson Davis to the level of a hero?  Required national examinations to test secondary school knowledge deemed critical to federal standards could override this.  The back door to this occurred in a proposal made in February, 2010 by the President of the National Federation of teachers:

In a speech to be delivered Tuesday in Washington, Randi Weingarten plans to call for more frequent and more rigorous evaluations of public schoolteachers, and she says she will assert that standardized test scores and other measures of student performance should be an integral part of the evaluation process. The use of student test scores to measure teacher performance has been anathema to many teachers. Ms. Weingarten is not proposing that they be the only — or even the primary — element in determining teacher quality. [NY Times]

And watch movement in the area of internet control. Obama has had legislation pending on this that would extend his emergency control over it. However, if things go according to his plan, a good deal of US control over this major communications tool will soon pass to the UN. However, there is a global trend for countries to exert more control over the internet within their borders.[The Register UK]

Here’s one to slow all of us down: Immigration reform. We can bet that the Administration has already got its senate and house serfs drafting their suggestions as he distributes his own.

And gun control? Obama is all for it as he announced early in his administration during a visit to Mexico. He seeks to achieve this through regional and UN treaties that must be ratified. He loves workarounds.[Washington Post]

There is an important cost increase in having to be a member of congress during the Obama days – extra staff to help track this  fast-moving Chicago Cabal.

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