Breaking the American Spirit – Obama and His Posse’s Wild Ride

Posted on July 3, 2010

Yakama Nation Wild Horses

Yes there was a global financial meltdown and yes most people had been suffering the ravages of financial ruin due to medical costs. There were also countless inequities in how citizens were taxed and treated by their government and by each other.

But rather than learn the ways of the American “animal”  and try to tweak or train what was already there, Obama and his cohorts have sought to break the American spirit and to render it docile and pliable – that is make it  into something unrecognizable.  Freedoms taken for granted have been trampled in the stampede to legislate and to do it at lightening speed.

If there is one picture that speaks to what has happened to the noble spirit that has resided in each American who has lived peacefully under the Constitution, it is this:

A wild-eyed Mustang is broken in a brutal way.

Our government has broken our spirit in ways that may never be healed. Our land and our waters have been defied and our very sovereignty has been threatened at our southern border with Mexico. Our hard earned dollars are being redistributed to benefit everyone who comes to what was the land of the free.  All of this because of either inaction or inappropriate action.

Our will has been bent to that of our Federal masters and we find ourselves where we never thought we would be:  psychological prisoners of  an administration that rules by fiat.  We shy from controversy as freedoms enjoyed on the internet are being curbed and social networks that actually helped shape Obama’s campaign, gather information about us with no plan to deaccession it.  And the information is no doubt shared with and studied by the Federal Government.

Fear will long remain in our eyes, uncertainty in our gait because of what Obama has put us through for the last 1.6 years.  It is doubtful that most can sustain pride in America and speak to her greatness when it has been changed beyond recognition.  Americans are not as interested in continuing as a super power as they are in continuing to represent that which the founding fathers left in place.   That is the value of the 4th of July – the celebration of the American spirit and all that sustains it from her laws to her people.  Let no one tie it down or tether it.  It is as free as the wild horses of the Yakama Nation. ©On My Watch…the writings of SamHenry

Happy Fourth of July 2010.


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