Will Conservatives and Republicans Work Together to Win in 2010 and 2012?

Posted on July 8, 2010

Edward Hicks, Peaceable Kingdom - Courtesy Worcester Art Museum

Is a Peaceable Kingdom only the concept behind a painting?  Or can we count on a few areas in life to see the lion lie down with the lamb without bloodshed.  I thought about this after taking a poll over at boudica.us.

If you viewed a video by Grady Warren (see below), you were asked three questions:  Do you agree with Grady Warren about Barack Obama; are you unsure if you agree with Grady Warren; If you do not agree with Grady Warren or if you have some other concern.

The result of the poll so far is a 50-50 split between people who agree with Grady Warren and people that are not sure they agree.

I am not certain I agree based on the portion of the video in which he said Conservatives should oust Republicans who are not Conservatives  from office this fall.  What are we doing?  I don’t believe in this split.

We need that Republican Party with a big tent back again – the one that  is right wing, center, liberal and conservative and some independents thrown in.  What’s wrong with this?  We need this kind of Peaceable Kingdom or we will never convince people we are the party of bringing people together.  I hope some conservative other than Grady Warren can answer my question:  How the heck can we beat the Democrats if Conservatives split from Republicans who are not conservative Republicans [aka RINOS] ?  Sarah Palin urged independents to make up their minds and either join the Democratic Party or the Republican.  Is what she says against Conservative goals?  This is NOT a trick question.

Here is the Grady Warren video:


Boudica.US/BPI Weblog – Grady Warren on Barack Obama and crew