Has President Obama Helped Inspire Black Hatred in YouTube Videos?

Posted on July 11, 2010

On a recent visit to http://steve0x9.wordpress.com,  I watched a video posted by a commentator that featured a couple of black men yelling at a young Jewish man and berating him with hateful, hurtful remarks that the Holocaust was a lie, etc.  They made  him cry.

I then began to investigate other videos like this.  Here is one in which some Black men do pretty much the same thing to a young Jewish woman causing her to cry.  Unfortunately it begins in the middle of the conversation so we don’t know what moved her to ask the men: “do you consider yourselves American”? (or words to that effect.)

The black man initially paints an accurate picture of black suffering over the past 200 years but then he takes off after her and not only denies the holocaust but tells her that she was able to go to school and have all the advantages in life because her father and all white people created a greater holocaust during slavery and that it continued in their treatment of the native Americans, Puerto Ricans and Latinos.  Yet he said  all of these minorities have served their country and are patriotic.  In short, he pushed all the “whitey”  buttons.

This was not an informed debate.  It was baiting and it has been going on for some time on the part of these black  Jews.  However, it is more prevalent now. It does not matter what good points the black man had – and admittedly he had some good ones that cannot be denied – he blindsided her with them and used her to create fear and hatred in her and in other blacks.  It is a tactic  many terrorist groups use globally.

Can this tactic ever bring peace and understanding?  No.  It is meant to intimidate and create a dominance over others. And it is being played out on street corners across America.  And the preaching and proseltizing in this vein is only showing up on white radar since Obama has been elected.  Why?  Do these blacks and others like them now feel empowered in some way?  Could the fact that they were witness to their President put down a white police officer as one of his first acts as President when speaking of Professor Gates and the Cambridge Police Department during a Press Conference?

Then of course the President went to Ghana, Africa just after a visit to Germany and the Death Camps.  He toured a port of debarcation for many slaves.  He referred to slavery and the holocaust in the same breath.  Now these men on street corners are referring to it as such. The President also mentioned that there was a Church above the castle where slaves were kept and underscored that great evil can exist in a situation where great good is being attempted near by – subtle knock at Christianity.

The President may have been well-intentioned, but as in so many of the things he did in the early days and weeks of his presidency, he could  not quite contain his own anger at Christian Europe for having been cruel both to Jews and to Blacks.  The fact that the President took it upon himself to try to make these kinds of connections – even with the best of intentions – was perhaps putting the message in the hands, heart and mouth of the wrong messenger.

Perhaps had Obama convened an advisory council early in his presidency with all factions present to discuss and gain insight into past offenses and ways to move forward in fairness, it would have better illustrated the importance of the evils but also provided the best methodology for working toward solutions. A black President lecturing to everyone about the moral imperitives in such a way that puts a large section of his countrymen in the stocks cannot have a happy outcome. Working with them builds consensus.  His black brothers on those street corners in New York are only repeating a methodology they consider viable.  But they are also taking a page from the book of  Reverend Wright in Chicago – President Obama’s controversial pastor.

It’s summer.  In the ghetto, men and women are raging against an America that doesn’t have jobs for them only the promise of some human services from the recent legislation.  They don’t care if the nation can’t afford it.  They feel entitled and morally, they should.  But timing is important.  Obama’s Health Care initiative was a complicated thing to get your mind around and for many, only the end result is important – free healthcare.

And now President Obama has beaten down the people of Arizona over their immigration legislation.  He has not listened to the news when Mexican-American citizens have joined the chorus against the crime and the lack of security at the border.  So many of the “illegals” aren’t interested in a path to citizenship.  Many just want a job to send the money home and return there themselves.  And we are just learning that others are here to try to flood the southwest with Mexicans to enable them to stage a civil coup to take back the South West United States.

All of the above is extreme – extreme views, extreme actions to those on the opposing side.  We need a President who can better talk with both sides.  We don’t need to hear him say things like  Israelis don’t trust him because his middle name is Hussein.  That is the kind of talk you hear in private during a discussion with friends.  For a President to go to that level is just crass.  Even were it 100% true, it is not a diplomatic solution to the problem.  The way to reduce differences is to discuss things held in common, not to point up things that separate.

There just seems no respite from the hatred and divisiveness abroad in the land today.  And that so much of it is enshrined on YouTube to enflame a larger audienced – one that does not have the benefit of seeing and hearing two sides of an issue will lead to bloodshed and not hateful words if we don’t soon see leadership from Mr. Obama that eschews bad treatment of Jews.  One wonders if the President allowed Prime Minister Netenyahu to stay for dinner during his recent visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Just having Rham Israel Emanuel as his chief advisor doesn’t quite balance his treatment of Israel’s head of state.

The Beer Summit that took all of an hour did not solve anything.  There were promises of work to be done on race relations but nothing major has surfaced.  This has to be a priority this summer – this long hot summer.  The true test of Obama’s presidency will be how he handles the divisions in this country – the ones that are tearing it apart on all levels.  It will not matter if we have universal healthcare if the US suffers another kind of civil war.