Head of NASA Cut off at the Knees. Misspoke. Mission Target Mars not Muslims

Posted on July 13, 2010

It’s amazing the power of a Press Secretary to set the record straight.  Robert Gibbs had to be the conduit to the true meaning of the President’s policy and interpersonal communications.  Apparently NASA Administrator Charles Bolden got a mission to Mars confused with reaching out  to the Muslim world via  NASA.  Bolden was not allowed his 15 minutes of mea culpa fame.  He might get it wrong again.  Instead we can imagine that he’s closeted   somewhere with someone thinking about his letter of resignation.

Getting the mission of  a major agency muddled is a pretty bad example of the power of  the President to guide policy and to communicate that policy to one of his appointments.  General McChrystal didn’t get it right either and then he had to embrace a member of the press to let the world know that he and not the President was the best judge of what the mission in Afghanistan ought to be.

Perhaps I’m wrong.  Perhaps the Administration’s prime communicator IS the best vehicle for correcting yet another misconception about what the Prez expects.  The President himself could get it wrong. After all, Gibbs often creates policy to back up his assertions and the Prez has yet to cap the Secretary’s  leaks of  what is really going on behind the scenes  in the Administration.

Meanwhile, we should be concerned that the Muslim world does not take offense to the Mars for Muslims swap.

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