The Tea Party Movement and Israel Both Victims of Labeling This Week

Posted on July 13, 2010

The Obama Family and not the Obama Administration have been busy this week assigning or helping to assign labels.

Yesterday, Michelle addressed the NAACP  annual convention.  They are about to vote to label the Tea Partiers “racist.”

Roughly 24 hours earlier, the President himself made a reference to Israel that came very close to the same thing. “Israel is suspicious of me because my middle name is Hussein.” [Haartez,com]  This borders on the concept that Israel is inherently racist.

This kind of “thinking out loud” and ascribing motives to nations as opposed to individuals is a new kind of  behavior I have “labeled” psycho-labeling.  Psycho-labeling is a very subjective thing and as such It is unseemly to undercut the position of an ally by ascribing motives to the body politic that cannot easily be confirmed.

In the case of Michelle she addressed the NAACP Annual Convention, while her remarks were limited to nutrition and educational opportunities for blacks, she allowed herself to be associated with the NAACP position that Tea Partiers are racist by her sheer presence at their meeting.

The NAACP will vote on a resolution to declare the Tea Party movement racist that is primarily based on their behavior during their march on Washington.   While there  were any number of  inappropriate anti-administration signs the Tea Partiers carried,  they were not the vast majority .  Neither were the remarks made by some Tea Partiers to Congressmen and women in the mall.  A swallow does not make a summer as the saying goes.