Levi and Bristol Engaged – Surprise!

Posted on July 14, 2010

While we wait for Prince William to nail down details with Waitey Katey and Prince Harry really but really either goes with or gives up on Chelsy Davy, we have another hook up to celebrate.

Levi and Bristol Palin.  Levi is so famous now that only his first name is needed.  Bristol is getting there.  The couple want to be married in Alaska in 6 weeks.  That would be convenient for the fall election schedule.

Before the wedding, they want to do six weeks of counseling.  One hopes they have made it there earlier on.

After what Queen Elizabeth II described as her Annus Horribillus when two of her sons were divorced, she laid down a rule that royals could live together publically if they would just wait a minimum of 5 years before becoming engaged.  Fair enough but none has children at this point.  Bristol will have to take a pass on this lifestyle and just wing it.

Best of luck Bristol.  Levi – we all hope you know that there’s no place like home, you hunk you.


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