NAACP Tea Party Resolution Targets Independents and Sarah Palin

Posted on July 15, 2010

Aware that there are more than one so-called Tea Party organization, the Head of the NAACP said last night on CNN that the heads of all of the Tea Party groups should make recognizable moves to let racists know that their presence is not welcome at rallies and etc.  The organization had passed a resolution to demand this of the Tea Party movement. To embark on a crusade against such an unfocused target makes no sense.  What makes sense is that the real targets are the independent voters and Sarah Palin.  If you begin picking off parts of the Republican Party and labeling them negatively, you would expect that the independent voters – so important for Obama in 2008 – would swing back to the Democratic fold.

And if you can suck Sarah Palin into the vortex of this debate, all the better since her endorsement of candidates has helped immeasurably.  So far, she has made only one response – one that was succinct and well conceived:

“I am saddened by the NAACP’s claim that patriotic Americans who stand up for the United States of America’s Constitutional rights are somehow ‘racists,'” Palin wrote in a Facebook note.

“I know how Tea Party Americans feel to be falsely accused,” she said. Palin pointed to a charge of racism levied against her in a “frivolous lawsuit” which was later dismissed. “To be unjustly accused of association with what Reagan so aptly called that “legacy of evil” is a traumatizing experience, and one of which the honest, freedom-loving patriots of the Tea Party movement are truly undeserving.”

Palin added:

I just spent a few beautiful Alaskan days with some beautiful Americans in my husband’s birthplace – they are Todd’s family and they are Yupik Eskimo. In the decades that our families have blended, I have never heard one proud, patriotic member judge another member based on skin color. Both Todd and I were raised to measure a person according to their capacity and willingness to love, work, forgive, contribute, and show good character. We’re joined by the vast majority of Americans in this belief whereby we measure a man by his character, not his color. Because of amazing efforts and accomplishments by those who came before my generation, it is foreign to us to consider condemning or condoning anyone’s actions based on race or gender. Being with our diverse family in a melting pot that is a Native village just days ago reminded me of that. [Huffington Post]

While this was an excellent comeback, Palin needs to limit her remarks in a heated forum such as this.  It could easily consume her.  She is dealing with professionals with powerful White House connections.  Why else was Michelle Obama there to speak at the time the NAACP launched their Tea Party Offensive.  Sarah does not need to become a flash point.

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