Respite From The Oil Spill Nightmare – Even Though All Not Resolved

Posted on July 15, 2010

Most in this nation will sleep better tonight knowing that even if short-lived, some control has been brought to bear on the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.  This has been a disaster that has sapped the already enervated US population now fighting unemployment, two endless wars in the Middle East, the uncertain outcome in the face off between Iran and Israel, the rise of Muslim demands and clout all over Europe and parts of the US, and loss upon loss in homes, pets, – all that we hold dear.  Some issues like conflict in the Middle East are complicated and involved, but the issue in the Gulf has been clear right from the start.  Proper precautions were not taken and the well blew.

The President pointedly avoided comment on the situation today, promising a comment tomorrow.  Regardless, BP has let it be known that it will again release oil through the cap for two reasons:  to test the flow rate and to reconnect with ships on the surface to carry the oil away.  While knowing the flow rate will assist other drillers in the area, putting the oil on ships can only benefit BP.  And it is unclear if there is a benefit to stop the drilling to connect two pipes laterally to take oil away from the site.

In short, much remains unknown and much is still carried out out of public view.  This continued lack of communication on the part of BP with the American Public and possibly the President himself may be at the core of Obama’s curt remarks about the BP oil leak today.  His face was tense and his movements quick and stiff.  It was obvious to everyone that he was upset.

Enjoy this respite in one sector of our worries.  Be hopeful and yet remember: BP remains in control.