Obama Finally Gets to Heart of His Agenda: Class Warfare

Posted on July 17, 2010

It’s OK for President Obama to go to Martha’s Vineyard for vacation and other destinations of high cost but that has not stopped him from first seeing to it that a series of legislative moves will tax the rich and thereby redistribute wealth.  Now he is into the next phase of his election strategy.  While his seconds like the NAACP cover the issue of racism on the part of some members of the Tea Party, Obama is now saying straight up that Republicans are the party of the rich and it is that party that has put a stop on bills for the extension of income payments to the unemployed.

The situation appears to be this:

Frustratingly for the White House, its proposals to extend unemployment insurance, cut capital gains taxes on investments and set up a fund to boost lending to small businesses have been repeatedly blocked on Capitol Hill.

Senate Republicans say the country cannot afford more taxpayer-funded government spending, on top of Obama’s emergency stimulus package, an argument that taps into public disquiet over a record budget deficit and rising debt.

But the White House, which says the deficit should be tackled in the medium term once the labor market has properly healed, calls this politically motivated obstruction and says Republicans are siding with the rich.

Do we have to resort to listing the wealthy Democrats in Congress – Kerry, the late Senator Kennedy among them to remind the nation that Republicans do not equate to rich on a one-to-one basis?  Any politician that reaches Congress has to have a lot of money behind him/her.

If the Republicans truly sided with the rich, they would vote for the reduction in capital gains tax without hesitation.  But the reality is that the government is running high deficits and this is not the time to do this – even if it would help small business.  Virtually all of Obama’s policies have not only been blind to their true cost, but to put health care reform ahead of job creation was just plain not thinking.  It was pure politics.  We need people back at work to help pay for all of this.  But his ever-skewed priorities would not allow consideration of the means by which to create jobs such as forcing the banks to loan money to small business.  They have not been doing much of that.  As usual, Republicans are who and what they have always been, supporters of fiscal responsibility.

The race card, the blame game – will Democrats never learn that even the opposition is bored with hearing these kinds of statements?   Enjoy your ice cream, Barack.  Fasten your seatbelt. It’ll be a long bumpy ride to the ballot box this fall.