Why US May Sell Weapons Shield to Israel; Turkey May Not Sell NATO Supplies to Syria

Posted on July 19, 2010

Upon reading first that Turkey had sold Israeli-made Drones to Syria[On My Watch] and then reading headlines that the US had supplied Israel with an advanced real-time weapons defense shield, it seemed reasonable to ask:  what  the difference between the two actions?  Turkey is a member of NATO.  Israel is on a list of what is called non-NATO allies of the United states.  Syria is not. [Further reading]

The following countries have been designated as major non-NATO allies of the United States in order of their appointment:

Named By George H W Bush

Named By Bill Clinton

Named By George W Bush

[Serving History]

It does not appear that this status when designated by the US does needs to be approved by the European member of NATO and Canada.[Defense PK] Question: would Turkey be in its rights to accord non-NATO ally status to Syria?  Could they do it without the consent of the other members?  If not, Turkey could resign but would this be ideal?

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