Iran Nuclear Program Setbacks – Sabotage, Propaganda or Wishful Thinking

Posted on July 23, 2010

At this point, it’s anybody’s guess what the current state of Iran’s nuclear program is. For all we know both it and Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction are all in Syria and we have been playing cat and mouse with the wrong regime.  But the Financial Times had this bit of news yesterday:

Iran has suffered a series of technical setbacks to its nuclear programme in the past 12 months, triggering suggestions that western intelligence agencies are sabotaging its likely ambition to build an atomic weapon.

As Iran continues to defy international sanctions, western security analysts say the country is making progress towards the ability to test a nuclear bomb in the next few years.

But a series of recent reverses, notably affecting Iran’s ability to enrich uranium, is prompting debate over whether the programme is being undermined by sabotage, sanctions, or the incompetence of the regime’s scientists. [Financial Times]

Nuclear weapons capability aside, Iran has been quite successful of late in training and supporting the Taliban offensive against US troops in Afghanistan.  We are losing the conventional war.  How many more troops, how many more days and dollars will it take to extricate us from that quagmire?

Meanwhile, we have media manipulation of our emotions about the region and what really is going on there.  That is a war we are losing as well.