Sarah Palin Does Not and Never Did Suck Toes, Thank You

Posted on July 23, 2010

As a blog administrator, I have access to a screen that lets me know what search terms were used to arrive at my blog.  To my horror, today I came across this search phrase:

“sarah palin toe sucking”

This needs to be cleared up right away. Nothing outstanding sucks about Sarah Palin or her life.  She is pretty much who and what you see in front of you, PR firm notwithstanding – but who doesn’t have one of those these days.  And her husband is not into toe sucking either.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, HAD her toes sucked by a man other than her husband and it finalized her divorce from the Prince Andrew, Duke of York.  See On My Watch:

Sarah Ferguson’s Former Toe-Sucking Financial Advisor Speaks…Briefly

Now, let the oft-printed photo in this post etch in your mind the fact that actually NEITHER Sarah Palin nor Sara Ferguson have ever sucked adult toes.  Only Sara Ferguson’s Texas financial advisor was into that.

But lately there has been a lot that has sucked about Sarah Ferguson and her life:

1. The sting in which she was caught selling access to Prince Andrew in return for money.

2. Her daughter Beatrice’s head gear.

2. Photos of her own sucking habits.

Queen Elizabeth has spent many years dealing with Sarah. Recently she came out in support of her and it is to her credit that she has done so.  However, the Queen as a safety measure, has just ordered shipment of copies of the following title for all members of the Royal Family to study in an attempt to avoid toe sucking incidents such as Sarah’s in future:

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