Sen. John Kerry – Living La Vida Loca in All the Right Places

Posted on July 23, 2010

Senator John Kerry just has been someone who has risen in the ranks by means only he can fathom.  He married the rich widow of the heir to the Heinz fortune, he took over the John F. Kennedy/Ted Kennedy desk in the senate (Brown got Kennedy’s seat but not the desk), [CBS News] and he has bought properties in areas that scream “location, location, location.”  Talk about knowing how to position yourself for success in the upper echelons of society and politics.

Now he has managed to moor his boat at the wrong pier.  He recently purchased a new sailboat looking every inch like the one sailed for years by the late Senator Ted Kennedy  He concluded the sale in Rhode Island and it will remain there.  Taxes are the anchor.  If he wants to fork over taxes in excess of $400,00 to the state of Massachusetts on the purchase of his new $7,000 yacht he could have the luxury of anchoring it in front of his home overlooking Nantucket harbor. [HT HotAir]

Of course others use this tax workaround.  The idea is not original with Kerry. But others are not in his position of leadership at a time of fiscal distress for millions of Americans. He is what Obama is fighting but of course Obama and his fellow liberals will give him a pass.  It’s called Liberal disconnect and disorientation.

Kerry has always had a reckless side.  A childhood friend of mine lives down the beach from where Kerry summers in Nantucket.  Said friend was minding his own business and his sail boat when Kerry whipped across his bow in his sail fish.  No rules of the sea observed.  Just a smart ass maneuver close to his character.

My friend waited for the opportune time for a “teachable” moment.  He found it at a restaurant a few days later.  He walked over to the table where Kerry was eating and addressed the Senator “you just about took off the bow of my sailboat the other day.  Please pay more attention to the rules governing vessels when sailing any craft in the harbor.”

My friend was polite but firm. This is how to deal effectively in public with liberals.  Any other way and you’re called “racist.” We can quietly put them in their place in November in the voting booth.


HotAir – Report: John Kerry docking his yacht in Rhode Island to avoid Mass. taxes