Al Franken At NetRoots Conference: Bloated and Boring Speech

Posted on July 25, 2010

Thanks Huff Po:

Link to this article was in the Huffington Post July 25, 2010 five-page spread on Al Franken.

Last night Fox carried Al Franken’s keynote address to the NetRoots Conference in full.  If you were waiting for entertainment, you were disappointed.  If you hoped for brief, you got bloated fare.

Aside from rallying the progressive bloggers to fight the good fight in November, he drove home some valuable points about the consolidation of the communications industry that were eye-opening and provided dire warnings about the possible loss of  internet freedoms if the consolidation continues. “If we don’t do [ i.e. fight] this no one else will.”

Actually, this is one area in which everyone has a vested interested and Conservative and Republican and Independent bloggers will be there fighting against consolidation as well.  Conservative bloggers have made it clear that they foresee the same dangers as Franken and are already fighting Obama’s legislation that would give him more control over the internet.  Obama’s efforts to control were of course not mentioned.

Liberal and progressive bloggers came late to the party that saw Conservatives having established large followings for their more popular blogs and bloggers.  Franken referred to “radical Republicans” (Conservatives?) and it simply sounded like a horse and an Emu hauling a wagon – improbable.  Since the 1960s, Progressives have been the radicals, period.

The FOX News panel that included that iconic, thin and brilliant blond, Ann Coulter ( OK so a woman is writing this), drove home the point that so many people now look to bloggers for their news since so many break stories and/or provide good commentary. The traditional press just is not making it for many today.  Accuracy you say?  The mainstream media has been retracting and correcting statements since BC (before conservatives).

The bloggers on the right stand ready, willing and more than able to take on the fight to keep the internet the free, informative and the nursery to creativity it is today.  Sorry, Al, aside from the legislation to give the President more control over the internet, we’re with you on this one.  Pick another controversial area and go there.

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