First They Came for the Anonymous Bloggers…

Posted on July 25, 2010

Two of CNN’s morning hosts who will remain anonymous (why give them any more publicity, eh?) have in all seriousness proposed an end to or regulation of anonymous blogging that seems to encourage smearing and slander.  This they say is the “teachable moment” of the Shirley Sherrod affair. [Newsbusters]

Hello.  Andrew Breitbart is not an anonymous blogger.  He says he did not edit the tape of Shirley Sherrod’s speech.  [TPMmuckraker].

Consider that there is plenty of mud slinging going on in the lamestream media without even considering bloggers. As a matter of fact bloggers already suffer a certain amount of filtering.  Google now often separates stories from news outlets from stories by bloggers.  In short, Google is warning users that they may be entering an area different from that of the world of syndicated news gathering and opinion. Will Google’s ability to classify become a basis for a ratings system?  They have proved the technology is there to filter us.  Perhaps there will be one big blogger portal.  They have made of themselves a kind of gatekeeper.

Many bloggers  garner attention by catchy titles and hard hitting reports and there is nothing wrong with that.  It is a kind of presentation unavailable elsewhere so why kill it off.  It was invented by bloggers and gets people to think. Things “outre” have been around a few hundred years.  They make the point faster than many other formats and they may make hard-hitting comments about political figures in the process.  But a good site like this does not cross the line into slander. They entertain and provoke thought.

The lamestream media appears suspect when seeking to regulate bloggers. Bloggers are a form of competition. If a blog slanders, it’s right there on the net and can easily be referred for review and removed if warranted.  There is already sufficient case law covering anonymous blogging most of which is protected under the first amendment.  There is a difference between protection of anonymous blogging and slander.  Slander is never protected.  For more information about the legal aspects about anonymous blogging, consult

It is well to remember that just as surely as there are those who have anonymously infiltrated Tea Party rallies to disrupt them with inappropriate anti-Obama signs or slogans, there are individuals who are not really part of the blogosphere who become “anonymous bloggers” on the internet and who function in the same way with the same motives.  Think about it.

And can we talk about the fact that you  have promoted THE most opinionated journalist, Rick Sanchez, to an evening slot?  He manipulates news like no other man in the media.  I was watching one day when he said “here at CNN we not only broadcast the news, we create it.”  Now tell me all your fears about anonymous bloggers.

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