Sarah Ferguson – Fuzzy Facts Surround the Delinquent Duchess

Posted on July 25, 2010

Things had been rather quiet on the Fergie Front and quite honestly, it seemed a good thing. There was every hope that she would get some counseling but apparently, like Diana, she did not.  Things have, according to the press, gone confusingly along.  The reports just don’t seem to mesh.  Here are the latest fuzzy facts on Fergie:

12 July, 2010, the Daily Mail reported the Queen would bail Fergie out; Andrew sacked Fergie’s staff and took over.  Under the circumstances, both actions seemed appropriate.  The Queen helped her son and her granddaughters in helping Fergie.  Andrew displayed “tough love” that seemed a good way to help her control her impulsive behavior.

13 July, 2010, low end tabloid the Sun reported that Fergie went to high end London Department store and maxed out her account there.

13 July, 2010, the Sun reports Sara sacked her staff.  In the same issue, it was reported that Prince Andrew’s staff person who will handle Sara’s affairs broke the news to her staff.  In any event, Fergie then flew off the join her daughters on Richard Branson’s private Caribbean island.  Of course the news that it was an all expenses-paid trip did not emerge until later.

24 July, 2010, the Daily Mail reported that Oprah has again stepped into Fergie’s life and has offered her a talk show of her own.  It will run on Oprah’s new cable channel.  Fergie would be based in New York City for ease of travel to London to see her daughters.  No word yet if Fergie has accepted the offer. Earlier in the month, the Palace scotched the offer of another US show, “Celebrity Rehab.”

Is any of the above true? News of her activities spreads globally like wildfire. The press in India was full of news of her this past week.

With these news cycles and patterns, count on us bloggers to sort it all out for you, eh? We don’t owe anyone anything and we just bring it all together from the press for you so you can make your own decisions about what may or may not be true.  For my money, only Fergie and Andrew and the Queen know for sure and they and their spokespeople never talk.  Thank goodness.  It would only add to the confusion and keep the Queen and Andrew from their appointed rounds by having to answer questions.