Do Democrats or Asteroids Cause Extinctions? Something Larger than Man Must Control Climate Change

Posted on July 26, 2010

Recently we received the good word that asteroids knock out life on earth roughly every 27 million years and it is calculated that we have about 16 million years left before another round of it.  It was the asteroids that helped make mammals supreme having last time around focused on killing dinosaurs. [CNN]

No worries, intelligent men of science are busy trying to bring them back to life through scientific means such as creative quasi-cloning. []  Could these behemoths further reduce the tropical rain forests and interfere with our own efforts to produce climate change?

Moving from asteroids to asses, many politicians in the US are worried about running out of ways to control whole populations.  They have caused new taxes, new fiscal and new medical controls to kick in and the control mechanisms are running out.  Obama has caused several laws to be drafted to give him powers of varying degrees over the internet, etc. In other areas he is investigating the possibilities that may fall under executive privilege. What could be wrong with government control?  Democrats theorize that the large and powerful government they have created could surely control the planets. Short term the election may threaten the extinction of many but you may be sure that asteroids are not on their menu.

Then there are  scientists. Remember when a punch line went “blame it on the attorneys”?  I never bought into this.  Blame it on the scientists.  Many of their number and their civilian counterparts have  got politicians all worked up about climate change and mankind’s role in it.  The politicians cannot wait to take on climate control as it exists outside of a GM vehicle.  They could control the climate if they could control mankind.

It’s  unfortunate that there are such long intervals between these meteor-inspired extinctions.  It would help end the climate change debate once and for all and control Democrats. Meanwhile, we can either set our mortality clocks by the semi-regularity of the asteroid arrivals or we can set them by the frequency of Kennedy divorces (recently, it seems it is Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s time again), the stock market or  the instances of Democrats in power.

Election 2010 is our only option short of an asteroid.  We need to rid ourselves of a group that is so human and ego-centric. Living with Democrats is like living in a Woody Allen film.  There was a memorable moment in one film in which one character announced that there had just been a murder in Central Park and police were looking for a suspect.  Allen roused himself from his inner thoughts long enough to say “I wasn’t even near Central Park.”

Democrats have one card left to play other than race in this climate change debate that may help them take a step back.  The Chinese have told us they will not cease to buy big, cumbersome, gas inefficient vehicles.  They claim it is their turn to enjoy the ill-got advances in automotive design.  Eureka.  We can nationalize climate change.  We can blame it on the Chinese.  We don’t have any control over the Chinese.  In point of fact, it is the exact reverse. They are the asteroids of our age. One man’s science is another man’s albatross – rather Dodo bird.

UPDATE on Climate Change Legislation.

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