Fighting Upstream Against Democratic Elitism

Posted on July 30, 2010

They’ve all gone to the best schools, they all have the right kinds of friends, they live in all the right places and they are moneyed – but they are not Republican – they are Democrats and they are currently running the country.

Democrats don’t call Republicans racist and elitist from a position on the low rung of the socio-economic and political ladder.  Who would hear them?  No, they use the bully pulpit of the Presidency and the best propaganda money can buy from the best educated speechwriters and think tanks.

When they do get together with Republicans, they are busy lecturing them about how they started with nothing and worked their way up. This distinguishes them from Republicans.  All Republicans have trust accounts. They say things like this to make Republicans feel like bums and to impress others not so fortunate standing around that they are the exemplary types in our country.  What could a Republican know about sacrifice and service and suffering?

Now this is a Republican secret:  No one has ever come to this country as deposed royalty or as registered Democrats or Republicans.

Democrats have spread the word that Republicans came here with letters of introduction to give them safe passage past Indian encampments and to the nearest fort where it would be safe to sell derivatives and perfect usury. They didn’t work the land; they bought it.

Democrats were always of this place. They made moonshine, rolled their own cigarettes, and married just about anyone around to confirm they were selfless and classless.

These days, and quite by accident, there are now wealthy Democrats.  If a rich Democrat makes a massive mistake, it is soon either off the front pages or embraced as exemplary.  Much that went on in the Kennedy family was embraced why?  They ran a very good soap opera operation.

Regan’s family had some hum dinger stuff going on in it but it just lacked a dramatic edge – dark, beautiful women who seemed dangerous and characters who looked as if they could handle getting a good table at 21. Worse, they rode western saddle and not English.

Really the WORST thing the Democrats have done to Republicans is to have given credence to the theory that they are the dullest, dumbest cretins on earth.  How do you move beyond that?  Republicans don’t have access to the magic of Hollywood for image makeovers like Democrats.

Republicans will be forced to do their own PR.  They really  have benefited mankind globally and locally.  Wait a minute and I’ll google a couple of things and make a list….

But how to work this list into the national conversation?

©On My Watch…the writings of SamHenry.  Registration Pending.