Sherrod’s Full Tape Shows Her Unrepentent Hate of Rich White Republicans

Posted on July 30, 2010

From the President to the press, months of broadly categorizing the GOP as racist and in linking it to the Tea Party, may have finally paid off.  After Andrew Breitbart at Big Government, a noted Conservative blogger, published a post citing Shirley Sherrod of the Department of Agriculture as racist based on a portion of a speech she made to the NAACP last March.  Democrats having painted Mrs. Sherrod as a victim has helped confirm public opinion that Conservatives and Republicans are as they have been branding them for months, racist.

Breitbart was not just set up by whoever provided him with the tape, he was set up in general by Democratic strategists.  All of their careful negative branding and linking of groups on the right as racist was a trap set for the first person who would come at them prior to or during the November election and take them on over their labeling practices.

Breitbart is no doubt correct that during the Tea Party march on Washington, the black and other Congressmen who marched through Tea Party ranks to get back and forth to their destination did so to set Tea Partiers up for a confrontation.  There were a few in the Tea Party crowd who yelled out racial slurs but they were not the majority of people in the mall that day. [BigGovernment]

By the time the head of the NAACP , Benjamin Todd Jealous, had come out to insist that the Tea Party renounce the racists in their organization and to henceforth put down racist outbursts at their rallies (months after the Tea Party DC rally), it made perfect sense to the American people.  Most had quietly gone along with the Democratic strategy to paint the Republican and Tea Party landscape in dark colors.  And now Democrats through the NAACP were about populating that landscape with one example after another of excess by any member of the right they felt they could bait.  They knew Breitbart had only a partial tape of Sherrod’s address or that he was only posting it partially and they took out after him.

Andrew Breitbart has said that in putting the Sherrod tape out there that he was attacking the NAACP.  But few will listen because Shirley Sherrod has been painted as a victim of his editing.  Not really.

Her argument was that she went from viewing the poor white farmers as the member of a repressive class to a view that blacks and they had poverty in common. But a full epiphany about race just did not happen with her.  Like Breitbart’s tape, it was a partial epiphany.

Democratic propaganda over generations has caused a linkage between the Republicans and the elite wealthy in America. Sherrod’s edited  history of a time a couple of hundred years ago when poor whites and blacks were equal and compatible- a time when both were indentured servants –  gave no quarter to wealthy whites.  She saw them as agents of the introduction of segregation to separate poor whites and blacks.  Blacks became permanent indentured servants – slaves.

Her awakening was not of racial coming together but of the discovery of an economic link between all lower class people: “it’s about poor people,” she exclaimed. Class warfare had reared its ugly head here in the middle of a an argument about race.  So her acceptance of whites was limited to those who were poor.

Perhaps now that Senator Kerry has a new 7 million dollar yacht but has avoided Massachusetts sales tax on it  will convince many blacks that there are equally as many wealthy Democrats.

The question remains: who brought the Sherrod speech to Breitbart’s attention?  Breitbart will not reveal his source and has stood his ground in saying that the full tape does not absolve her of racism and in this he is correct.  She still hates rich whites especially those  who are Republicans.  Class warfare and racism are now linked in the public mind to Republicans and tea partiers. It appears that Shirley Sherrod’s speech was carefully crafted.  It’s a model of Democratic dogma.

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