SamHenry on Finding No “Me” at

Posted on August 2, 2010

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

See her?  I can’t do anything with her.  I sent her here to be a kind of babe for the blog off to the side bar and down about 5 – to have just for fun.  At my age, I can’t go to and get an elder babe.

I call her Gerry ’cause she should be older as in “geriatric.” She will not stay in the widget on the sidebar. She jumped ship and wants to be, well, where she wants to be.  I didn’t mean to create a meez with cohones [HT Sarah Palin]. Is this an electronic generational thang?

I hope she behaves herself. I have a reputation for providing good reportage on this blog.  There are the occasional blogs classified as humor or satire but never accompanied by a blog babe like Gerry.

I hope there is no hidden code or something in there somewhere.  What I mean is , you don’t think she is providing information about this blog back to the government?  She could be a cyber spy.  I guess I had better get those taxes for last year in before she tells TMZ or something.  She looks more in touch with TMZ than with the CIA.  Ever see a tax lax person on TMZ?

I spent so much time creating her, I hate to destroy her.  She IS somebody now.  By this time she has ordered a phone, set up paper delivery, arranged for heat and lights right here at her home on the blog.  But she can’t stay.  She’s a one blog post babe or a one trick pony tail – ha, ha, ha -oops, need to stay within WordPress bounds no hidden messages here.

No, oldies such as I need to be goodies and not do things like go off into the wilds of sites like meeze and cause trouble.  Now I’ll have to get her a green card.  No more controversy on this blog, no, none.