At Only 19, Bristol Again Dumps Levi; Media in Love with Levi’s Ex-Girls

Posted on August 2, 2010

Not Bristol Palin nor Levi Johnston has caused their second engagement to end.  It’s the media’s love affair with Levi’s ex-girlfriends and their ease in speaking with them.  Media manipulation of teen agers should be punishable in some way. Could anyone give time to reporters who become like another teen in promoting their stories and gossip?

Bristol and Levi became media’s money-makers  when they were only 17 and 18.  We keep forgetting with every disaster piled on them that Bristol was a responsible teen.  She had helped with her mother’s campaign when she was 17 and pregnant and had withstood breaking up with the baby’s father, Levi Johnston to whom she had been engaged.  She went on to become a poised young mother who was a national spokesperson for sexual abstinence and created her own PR firm with her mother, Sarah Palin.  At only 19, she got her own apartment and started an independent life.  She was on the right track for one so young.  But there is limited appeal for stories of the good.

Handsome Levi Johnston left a good job and tempted by media attention,  went on to become a gay icon for his nude photos in Playgirl and a bedroom toy story for a red-haired comedian who is not funny. Meanwhile, he continued to add to his growing Greek chorus of ex-girlfriends.

Disaster-causing malestroms need a mighty wind.  The mightiest of winds in our society is the media – the left-leaning, Palin pursuing media.  Their reportage helped ease Levi out of Bristol’s bed the first time around.  Their attention on the young, attractive now 20-year old Levi Johnston fed into his fantasies that he could make a career like Sara Palin’s – in front of the American public.  But what could he do?  The media wanted to hear the inside scoop about the Palins and so Levi was off and running down the road to nowhere.

Surely one or more behind-the-scenes stories about Sarah Palin would knock her from public favor.  Not when you handle these things the way Sarah has.  She was available to the media and alternately ignored them or answered their questions briefly in the communications forums in which she she was booked.

That having been a dead end, they refocused on Levi and his negative comments about the Palins in general, Sarah in particular.

In a coverage lull, Levi and Bristol hooked up at the custody trial and Levi again pursued Bristol.  Bristol forgave and relented and they became engaged. The media storm over this played out in special spreads in US Magazine and People. The most recent engagement followed forgiveness by Bristol of behavior by Levi that was both hurtul and very public.

The media hounds moved in.  Perhaps taken by renewed interest in him, Levi accepted a gig in a music video.  Because he is young and stupid, he accepted the script based on his relationship with Mrs. Palin.  So as a re-commited young father, rather than get a normal job and go back to school, he left the nest ungauarded and flew off to Hollywood.

This wasn’t enough for the media.  They followed the siren songs of ex-girlfriends who wanted to achieve fame as Levi had:  by debunking the good media image of Bristol and by bulking up Levi as a perfect cad.  So the media delighted in their attempts to tell all. One told them that she was pregnant (but only later telling the truth that Levi wasn’t the father) and the other told nasty tales of Bristol.  Outcome: Levi lost his happy home with Bristol; Bristol was outed as a bit of a bitch.  End of engagement. Emotional cost to Bristol for damages – must be high.  Sarah and Todd Palin:  standing by as always.

The country is left thinking what a couple of young, dumb kids.  Well, they’re right about the kids part.  That is why they didn’t tell Sarah and Todd about their engagement right away or tell his mother and sister at all.  This is dumb kids stuff.

Isn’t the media wonderful?  They bring such needed information to our attention. They bring us drama they often have helped to set up.  Then they report “the truth” beneath their headlines.

We need to beware of the snake in the garden.  It is still tempting a young man and woman as surely as it did in Biblical times.  The apple is of course fame and easy money in down times.  We need to keep our eye on that snake and not Bristol and Levi.  That snake manipulates more than a couple of inexperienced kids.  Right now, they are manipulating a nation.  Kids, this is about politics; not about you.