SamHenry’s Intergallactic Thoughts on Congressional “Crime Wave”

Posted on August 3, 2010

Here is the Hubbel picture that gives me pause whenever I think that my or anyone else’s earthly problems are the most important in the universe….

That is a dusty, gaseous nursery for stars – new galaxies casually referred to as “Magic Mountain.”  It keeps hope alive for me.

Comments on a recent post about the Congressional “crime wave” over the past couple of years have led to thoughts about the glaring lack of moral authority – higher even than the President.  So many of us are less religious and more questioning.  Others have given up on it entirely while still others (I am sure many in Congress are in this group) think they can talk their way out of anything from a parking ticket to rejection at the pearly gates – they know how to handle things.

God for many in the west is not an easy concept.  I am the original doubting Thomas.  I actually envy Muslims in their religious certainty and fervor.  Yet remember, a few elections in say Iran and Afghanistan were less than honorably handled with the outcome never in doubt on the part of the winners.  Yes, even the Koran can’t keep them down on the farm.

Deep down, most of us are like kids when the teacher has left the room.  We don’t know when he’s coming back so let’s just do what we can in the meantime.

But Hubble has found something in our universe that gives me pause.  It is larger than the room the teacher has just left.  Picture after picture from the vastness of deep space have humbled most people who have seen them.

Worlds upon worlds are being created every second.  Magic Mountain is only one place out there creating them.  If I can’t quite get my mind around God in this world and on this planet, at least I can be stopped from even imagining that I could have any answers when I see Magic Mountain.

Hope for me is in not knowing.  I don’t want that kind of control.  I look at Magic Mountain and I think of all the many more possibilities I will never live to know or contemplate. I like being overly overwhelmed in this kind of way.  I am mindful that I would not want to cross whoever or whatever is behind all of that either.  I mean, who lit those star furnaces full of fury?

I think I’ll send copies of the Magic Mountain picture to Charlie and Maxine and to a few of their Congressional colleagues who have preceded them to the Ethics Committee.  They may think they’re powerful but they will soon know otherwise.  That’s the power of Magic Mountain.