SamHenry on the Second American Revolution – or Have I Missed It?

Posted on August 4, 2010

When Jack Cafferty asked his audience today if  there will be a second American Revolution a certain number might have said yes; others no and still others might have quietly gone to the bank to take out all their savings, filled the car tank with gas, raided the grocery store and got home to clean the rifles, gather the family in front of the TV and wait to see if their favorite shows tonight will be interrupted by “breaking spews.”

In the world of the serious, there are people out there who think Obama is a God who will deliver them from poverty and oppression at the expense of the wealthy. Wealthy to them means the middle class on up.  Barack, you must be careful when you say take from the rich because one man’s rich is another man’s middle class or lower.  Regardless, class warfare will be the basis for the 2nd American Revolution. It is reflected in income redistribution through taxation, cries of racism (against rich whites) and the illegal immigration issue.  This polarization of the haves and the nave nots will go down as the spark that will have lighted the tinder of  the anger and resentment of a legion of unemployed and disenfranchised people.

All of Obama’s programs have class warfare – the redistribution of wealth and benefits at their core.  And of course the power to do all of this resides in the central government – under his control.  He has not saved us.  He has unleashed something  he will wish he hadn’t a couple of years from now because America and its borders are broken. No, immigration is not the big issue – it has been out of control for years.  It is really part of the redistribution of wealth and power gig.

We hear cries of racism (this is another euphemism for rich whites in this country) at every turn.  But these are cries of individuals against other individuals. We have not stopped to think about the fact that the big banks have got off scot free.  No redistribution of wealth there. And Barack has not fought for small business as hard as he could have – corporate America and global corporations rule here.  In the end, it looks as if the American people would have to stage a revolution not just against their government but against their corporate powers.

But there are new powers in town stalking like hyenas. Para-military cartels and their skilled terrorist partners stand willing to come in to pick over what’s left. There are other groups with pent-up anger and agendas that will also want a piece of the action.

But Jack, it will not be just an American Revolution.  It will be more global than that.  Not only would we be fighting to take back control of our economic welfare, we would be fighting to regain our inalienable rights.  That is now a global concern.  I had luncheon recently with people from Korea and China.  We were all in agreement.  We were amazed at the control that national governments world-wide were taking over the internet.

While the Koreans and Chinese marveled at how freely we could talk about the government in public, I reminded them that the days of free speech in this country were dwindling. The media have been controlled by special interests and have been merged into monoliths.  Again, corporate keepers and distributors of information.

Jack, I’m so old, I probably missed the second American Revolution altogether.  I can’t remember why so few of my personal items are left in the house – oh yes.  Now I know what happened.  I needed extra money to get through this year and to prepare for higher taxes.  Second American Revolution? What a silly question Jack.  I’m laughing all the way to the root cellar to hide.

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