Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson – a Sea Change

Posted on August 8, 2010

When Andrew went off with the Queen and cousins on a cruise around the islands off Scotland a few weeks ago, discussion of Fergie was officially forbidden.  It of course did  not stop Prince Philip from sailing into Andrew for standing by her.  It not only upset Andrew but it very much upset Beatrice and Eugenie.

On his return, the Duke of York went on another cruise – this time on a luxury yacht off  Sardinia with a young woman just three years older than his daughter, Princess Beatrice.  Pictures from that venture showed a lot of active chemistry including the exotic beauty putting tanning lotion on the Prince’s back, Andrew kissing her hand, and andrew just beaming.

The young woman is model Alexandra Escat, 25, well known in European and Philipine party circles.

In a recent interview, Miss Escat revealed she had just ­finished a degree in advertising and public relations, combining her studies with working as a PR girl for luxury brands.

Meanwhile Sarah Ferguson joined Beatrice and Eugenie for a holiday in Spain (her second since having been caught in the sting operation offering access to Andrew in return for money.

Fergie is already enjoying the sun in Sotogrande as a guest of her close friend the tycoon Paddy McNally.

Her daughters Eugenie and Beatrice are joining her, but without their father.

Sarah FergusonJolly holidays: Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson with daughters Eugene and Beatrice, right. But Andrew will not be joining them this year

Andrew is standing by his decision to pay her UK bills but he has been mortified by her behavior.  His absence at the gathering of  his girls in Spain “speaks volumes” according to one of his friends.  This is a destination he has shared with them countless times and also a place he and Fergie have visited without their daughters.