Hollywood – Home of the Left – Now Helping Levi Run for Mayor of Wasilla

Posted on August 10, 2010

From People.com

Only in Hollywood could this scenario be worthy of more than 2 minutes of serious consideration:  Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin’s ex-fiancee and father of their son, Trek, will be running for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska this fall.  That’s right, he has seen the light and politics is his future – that is as long as the cameras are running and the Palins are somehow implied or involved.

Levi will star in a reality soap about his run for office tentatively titled: Loving Levi (obnoxious).  This exercise will achieve two things for the leftie entertainment execs:

  • Create a distraction for Sarah Palin during the serious business of the fall elections.
  • Make a mockery of her job as mayor.  Where is it written that a high school drop out could hope to win an election for that office?  It is almost an after thought (like after shock) for Levi to consider going back to high school.
  • Make money from the misfortune and stupidity of others.

But the horror for all of us voters is that someone who really doesn’t want to run for office but who has been convinced to do it for a television show is doing something closely akin to taking the name of the Lord in vain.  The democratic process of selecting and electing a person to an office is central to our representative form of government.  This entertainment group and Levi are taking something quite sacred and sullying it by using it to their own selfish ends.  The worst case scenario would be if Levi were to win – that the people of Wasilla would have to live with the fraud they voted in just because it was all about a fun time with a reality show filming in their area.

I really feel sorry for the Palin family.  They have that freakish Palin biographer living next door taking notes and now they have Levi running in and out of Wasilla making loud pronouncements and holding parades as he runs for mayor.  It doesn’t get much muddier and dirtier.

Bristol has left her Anchorage townhouse and is now back in Wasilla.  Until Levi and his “team” start that campaign, she is busy defending her Mom against a neighbor in a now famous video encounter between the teacher and Sarah. [OK Magazine]

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