Israel Needs to Revise Its Policy Toward Bedouins In the Nagev

Posted on August 10, 2010

One thing that would demonstrate to the world that it was truly seeking peace with its neighbors would be for Israel to give up its policy of razing the homes of people they consider a nuisance or as enemies or whatever else they consider them.

This week Israelis returned to the scene of a Beoudouin village they had razed and razed structures that had been rebuilt.  The Israelis contend that the Bedowins have no claim to the property; the Bedouins counter that their claims to the land go back to the Turkish empire.

For the sixth time in a decade, farmer Ismail Mohamed Salem watched Israeli bulldozers raze his home in this disputed Bedouin village.

Hours later, he sat next to the rubble and vowed to rebuild — yet again.

“This is my land,” said Salem, 70, as his grandchildren lay sleeping on straw mats next to the demolished structure, now a 20-foot pile of twisted aluminum, broken concrete and splintered wood. “Why should I leave?” [LA Times]

Israel has not explained it fully to the Bedowins or to the international community.  If Israeli security is threatened then find a way to deal with it.  These people have roamed the desert for centuries and have lived in make shift dwellings. At some point, Israel needs to make concessions to the way Arabs live that are poor and are willing to have their villages searched.  Proper sanitary facilities and other things you say?  They don’t require them and had they been provided with them, they may not use them.  These are tribesmen.