Michelle in Spain: Vague WH Info Fueled Inaccurate Reporting

Posted on August 10, 2010

This blogger got caught in the trap of inaccurate information about Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain. In reviewing my post on it, I found I did not cite a source for my figures about her entourage. However, the White House comment about her junket was noteworthy for what it did not say:

“The White House … would not specify how many pals — or security personnel — were along for the trip.”

“But one White House official said Obama had a “small” group of friends and “minimal” staff on the trip, and said personal expenses, such as hotel rooms and meals, were being paid for by the Obamas.” LA Times.

The White House comment should have been made sooner; the details about the trip should have been provided because numbers of friends and staff and Secret Service along for the ride got skewed.

Shame on all of us. Still, while I was happy to see little Sasha have her big moment with the King and Queen of Spain, it was badly timed for audiences out of work back home and with others who will shortly be unemployed.

As for questions about Michelle leaving Barack on his birthday,  there could have been very good security reasons why the President did not accompany them. There have been some serious threats made against him of late. In August, 2009, Britain’s Telegraph reported reported that since coming to office, Obama had raised the number of threats on a chief executive by 400%. The White House receives 30 death threats per day. [

It’s over now and Michelle and Sasha will have some special memories not the least of which will be that they were in Spain on a special mother-daughter trip.

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