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Posted on August 12, 2010

August 13, 2010

Because of the unremitting pain in back and hip and lack of discs to immediately update my platform to accommodate the company’s software, I have had to withdraw from my job at this time.  This has been a true Friday the 13th.  The hex on this date holds, my friends.  Bring on the black cats and candles.

I will have to miss the wedding of the daughter of a good friend tomorrow and that isn’t making me feel any better.  I had a friend drive me to the Emerald City today to see the Medicine Woman and she wants me to cool it.  High blood pressure is also an issue with me.

So as soon as I can sit for longer periods, I will be yours again.  Hope for these periods because if they do not come, I may be headed to the surgeons.  It is my hip and spine – the dynamic duo.  I suffer a triple curvature of the spine normally.

Food in the fridge, a few movies laid by, a warm dog and a Korean student surround me.  Things could be worse.

Meanwhile, pray for peace in the Middle East.  “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

And I send my very best to all of my loyal readers and best love to my core crew who have commented here.  I felt so bouyed to hear from each of  you in your unique ways.  I am honored by your presence here and in my medical existence at this point!



As you who follow this blog may have been aware, the offerings of late have been on the “lite” side.  The reason is arthritis in the right hip followed by a helluva fall to the knees on the cement sidewalk out front just as the arthritis was easing.  Enter stage right a new “work from home” job.  What a mix: no money, excruciating pain, and work in customer service 5 hours per day, 5 days per week.

The questions are these:  Will the pain abate?  Will SamHenry’s software from the company finally settle properly into the designated computer?  Will training be less eventful that that which preceded it?  Will SH have to take a pass on this training session?

Until these questions find answers, the blog will suffer a few more short, pithy posts of decidedly opinionated verbiage on light topics.  For example, I may have to use the emergency slide to get out of this mess.  However, I do not have hundreds of passengers in my care that could need my attention even on the ground should an emergency such as fire present itself.  SamHenry does  not hold that steward as an idol.  He’s cute, though.

SamHenry is at her post today.  She takes it one day at a time.

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