Family of 4 Killed by Wrong Way Driver – Don’t Assume Illegal Immigrants, Please

Posted on August 14, 2010

It was reported by CNN that a family of four was killed out in Idaho by a driver in a puck-up truck driving the wrong way on an interstate highway.  A look at the name of the driver will make many rush to discover if he is an illegal immigrant.  Don’t waste your time.  While many illegals may have difficulties reading signs, even natives will have difficulty determining the proper lane on an on-ramp or even the right ramp under certain conditions and it has more to do with lack of proper signage or ramp design than language skills.  I know from experience.

I was on an off ramp at about 9:30 driving my little dog to an emergency vet.  Coming at me were headlights. I assumed I was on the wrong ramp (I suspect myself first in all things).  I was not and I was fortunate that this was a two lane off ramp.  I pulled into the other lane and watched as a car driven by a young female who seemed in a trance whooshed past me in the night.  She went on to crash head on into a young police officer on his way to his shift.  Both were killed.

Since I was the only one who knew where she got on the interstate, I filled out a police report.  I noted that the signage at that intersection was very confusing and insufficient and that the construction was such that it would be very easy to get on to the wrong ramp.  After my complaint and this fatal accident, the signage was changed and not a moment too soon.  I almost made the same mistake that young girl did at that same intersection.

We need to get ALL of the facts in these stories and not rush to judgment on the status of the driver.  In the case in which I was involved, the young woman was in a diabetic coma while driving.