Andrew is Saving Fergie; Who Will Save Randy Andy?

Posted on August 16, 2010

Back in the day, Prince Andrew was called “Randy Andy” as he cavorted with the likes of Koo Stark, a young American who had made an erotic film.  That relationship ended when he married Sarah Ferguson.  Fergie came to the rescue of the Royal Family in this.  Andrew has loved her and remained loyal long after their divorce but when she was caught in a sting trying to sell access to him, things changed – publicly.

Although Fergie still lives at his home in Windsor Great Park, she has not been seen with Andrew in public since the incident.  What is known is that her indebtedness that led her to set up a meeting to exchange money for access has threatened the core of the Royal Family’s standing in an age when fiscal responsibility is key and the Royal Family is increasingly under pressure to have their roles reduced even ceremonially.

Her British debts have been paid and Prince Andrew is managing the situation.  The Queen took up the matter with the new Prime Minister, David Cameron.  The “firm” gets monies from the government and this funding is increasingly important to keep the institution functioning.  As it is, cutbacks in funding for the arts have hit Her Majesty’s own art collections and galleries hard.

Things are being managed for Fergie.  [Guardian]  Who is managing Andrew.  Last week he was photographed on a luxury yacht with an exotic model about his daughters’ age.  She put sun tan lotion on his back; he kissed her hand.  They had innumerable animated conversations and arrived and departed on the same private plane.  Randy Andy redux.  While all of this distances him from Fergie, it does him little good as the trade representative he is to be seen in this circumstance.

Just when many of us were singing his praises for his handling of his ex-wife, someone who needs more than financial help, he has seemingly reverted to type.  Now it is Andrew who is flaunting money and privilege and indiscreet public behavior before the press.  The Queen and country cannot be amused.