Mosque Mania: Obama Can’t Lecture Americans on Emotional Topics

Posted on August 17, 2010

Who would know better about lecturing than past Secretary of Education, Bill Bennett. During one of the many mosque-at-ground-zero group discussions on CNN Sunday, Bennett cut through the maze of theories about Obama and his remarks  to the reason why we cannot tolerate his pronouncements: they are lectures.  He said (approximate from on-air discussion) that  “Obama just can’t lecture the American people on emotional topics.  They are already aware of the first amendment.”

Like the President, the Muslims who defend their “rights” are lecturing.  And when they are not lecturing, they are demanding further “rights” such as additional school holidays, resisting ID photos because of the burka and insisting Sharia law be practiced in their communities.  These are culture-changing moves.

In the United States, the background for all discussions of Muslim culture is 9/11.  There is no escaping it. It is difficult to separate al Qaeda from Muslims in general.   They preceded their attacks on 9/11 by observing Muslim customs up to and including shaving their bodies.  They declared jihad. They did what they did in the name of Allah.

When studying for the road test in the State of Pennsylvania, I was struck by the cautionary note:  “You may have the right of way at an intersection but it may not always be given to you.” This is what is going on now in the anti-Mosque mania that is sweeping the country. Like drivers at an intersection, many Americans are among those who will not grant Muslims right of way.  They are filled with road rage triggered by 9/11.

If most Americans took on their own President and Congress last year over “change,” expect that most Americans will not stand by and allow their country to be changed by the customs of the Muslim communities here.  That culture, steeped in Sharia law,  is diametrically opposed to the freedoms for which Americans have fought and died – and continue to do so.

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