Obama on the Vineyard – Come on Down to the Town Dump

Posted on August 18, 2010

Up around my part of the mainland, on a Saturday night you may get a swell invitation:  “Let’s go down to the dump and shoot rats.”  In other venues away from home, on vacation at Nantucket Island, MA, we went to the dump both to leave trash and to exchange items in a special building.  Gossip was also factored in.  Today I have read where the same is true at Martha’s Vineyard at that island’s dump.

Vineyard locals have advised Obama that if he wants to get the pulse of the place he will need to visit the dump with everyone else.  While some Presidents create libraries, perhaps Obama could be first to develop a Presidential dump for all of those “re-calibrated” speeches he has made.  He is the George Lucas of speech making.  At times it seems he’s actually producing  prequels.

Alas, few will pay attention to yet another presidential vacation:

the trips to the ice cream store

over reaction to the doings of the daughters and

The Prez avoiding chest-on photos in a swim suit that would expose its hairless state.  Now a seasoned traveler and roue, he will have seconds swim for him.

The world will cast a huge sigh of relief he will relinquish the world stage for a time.  Perhaps Israel will not attack Iran after all if he is out of the picture.  One thing is certain, he won’t be able to recalibrate approval for Israel to go ahead and do the deed.  Ah well, he could always do what birds like him with long skinny legs have done for centuries – bury his head in the sand.

Martha’s Vineyard, a grateful nation sings your praises.  Thanks for the reprieve.  Well, let me hit the button to add the tag I now have “Vacation – Obama.”    Stay safe on  your own in these last days of summer.

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