Dont LET Government Do It All. We MUST Help Each Other

Posted on August 20, 2010

A great fear this writer has is that with the government , especially the Federal Government, taking over not only so many human services (medical, social, etc.) that many of us will cultivate tunnel vision.  We will see only the Government as an answer to our needs and ills.  We need to keep our problem-solving skills polished.  We need to continue to search for private enterprise answers so some of our difficulties.

We must not forget the extensive contribution to our lives made by friends, neighbors and co-workers just for the asking.  Most times, you are not bothering anyone just to be a sounding board and helper in ferreting out some direction from all of your thoughts.  They no doubt have noted your difficulty in say picking a child up at school on time and want to speak out and  help you but feel it is interfering.  We need to let those close to us know they may help.  While it is increasingly difficult to find answers in the non-government sector, still, we must try to reclaim services taken over by the government.  Their services will be perpetuated if we patronize only theirs.

Meanwhile, hang in there and remember that the good new is you don’t have 100% control over he future so don’t fall in love with your picture of it.  You don’t know what tools will be given to you to help you in the future  Bad things happen in all time frames – past, present and future.  But good things do too and you can choose to think on them more than the bad to better prepare for the future.


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