This Week’s Excess: We Seek to Control Flights Between Caracas and Tehran or Damascus

Posted on August 21, 2010

Progress in the US is slowed at every turn by nonsense and unfounded fears.  Now we are supposed to be concerned that direct air service has opened up between Caracas, Venezuela and Tehran and Damascus.  Think of all of the terrorists flying back and forth.  Leave it to the US Government to attack the obvious while letting the big fish get away.

For months now many bloggers such as I have been writing about the rogue aircraft that are winging their way across the Atlantic to Africa and the Middle East ferrying drugs and arms and people.  They don’t file flight plans and they are all over  our routes.  THESE are the flights of concern not the scheduled ones!  Blessedly, if terrorists do take scheduled flights between the two countries, that would be a bonus: we would know where they were.

Please, we are beginning to look ridiculous – a former world power in decline now taking pot shots at some other country’s air routes.  I suggest we shore up our southern border, get people back to work and do a million other more meaningful things than worry what airline the terrorists prefer.  They like them all, actually.  Anything that gets them there is OK.  Keep your eye on all the x-rays of passengers and forget what is miles away and beyond your control, eh?

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