Debka File Beats Drum of War Using Obama as Drumstick and Ahmadinejad as Drum

Posted on August 24, 2010

Many of us in the West count on  intelligence from the Debka File for insight into what is going on in the Middle East. This is an award-winning journal founded in 2002 that relies on many in the Israeli military and the intelligence community for their research.

Of late, however, I have been a bit ill at ease with the “cut of their jib” as sailors say – that is the single-minded editorial slant they have adopted for sailing through this morass. The articles Debka is coming up with echo a thesis: this is no longer a war between Iran and Israel; this is not a war between Iran and the US, this is a contest between Ahmadinejad and Obama to see who can more effectively obliterate Israel without a shot being fired.

Look at recent headlines:

The headlines clearly show Obama’s zigs and zags over the mere time span of less than a month.  All Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has done in the interim is pull a Sarah Palin:  reload.  Aren’t more things operative here?  I agree Obama is the vortex sucking us into decline but let’s flesh out this picture.

The outcome seems clear to Debka:  The US will continue to lose ground and friends in the Middle East due to “Obamaconfusion and Obamaobfuscation,” his primary foreign and domestic policies.  The military industrial complex in Iran will continue to prosper.  And Russia will show its true colors once the US  has been reduced to 3rd world status.

This is all a bit extreme but isn’t everything these days.  It’s back to the Jerusalem Post for me.

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