Residential Post Delivery – a Way of Life for Everyone

Posted on August 27, 2010

Someday soon, some group way of delivering the mail for a block  of residences will be devised and we will be taken a step away from knowing the person who delivers the mail to our home. Because I work from home, I rarely miss a delivery but most of all, my dogs rarely miss one as well.

From the day we first moved here 7 years ago, we were taken by our blond and lively post woman who had dog treats and brief, friendly discussion for all.  When her supervisor makes the annual round with her holding a stop watch, we all yell from our porches ” take Vanessa away from us and you will have an office filled with screaming people.”

At Christmas, she wears a santa hat, in summer her regulation shorts and “pith helmet” and rarely comments on the weather.  This very hot summer was the first any of us heard her say it was just too hot.

When a substitute is on for her, he/she knows the route is a lot to live up to.  People are possessive of their postman/woman.  We used to be that way about the milk man.  We all know the days of this kind of delivery surely must be numbered but we are savoring it this summer.  It’s been hot but pretty here and in the midst of all the nasty news we filter through daily, this small town, this slower life and this peace make for people who treasure other people like Vanessa.

Video:  A typical delivery by Vanessa accompanied by Impulse (Imp) my JRT jumping all over her for the treats she brings.  On this day, I was having a tough time with Sam Henry’s death.  I use Vanessa like I use my hair dresser – cheap therapy!  Ah well, it doesn’t stop her from her rounds.  My hair dresser also manages to maintain her business as well.

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