Call Center Work from Home is Still Call Center Work and May Not Be for You

Posted on August 28, 2010

You don’t want to start your own business so you are in the market to work for a company that outsources work for other companies and hires people to work from their homes. You are not alone.  This is a growing phenomenon in the work place. Sadly, as with a lot of other things in life that sound good, there are lot of scams out there in this arena  and there are lots of articles out there to help you try to avoid them.

But say you go with a growing national firm that handles work for any number of respected clients – selling product, instructing in the  operation of a product, or customer service, etc.  The focus will and should be customer satisfaction.  It’s not just you and a few rules and a phone hooked up to a computer.  It’s you and training to be the voice and attitude of a company as you fulfill needs such as processing a return.  Well stop right there because you will be rated on how many returns you prevent either through resale or exchange.  In short, don’t lose that sale.  Software will track how often  you pick up calls, how long they last and the outcome.

This is a world in which you can, to a certain extent, set your own hours but those hours once set are no longer your own.  You are on the clock and need to be on time and productive – perhaps more so than if you were in a physical call center.  There are breaks just as there are in a physical office.

Benefits may not be what  you could wish, either.  You may not be able to get full time work easily.  If you are part-time, you may find that you do not get any paid vacation or sick leave.  Further,  hourly rates are not that high in many instances.  Some sales positions do offer a bonus after a certain number of sales have been completed.

The bottom line here is:  These are high-pressure, high-turnover essentially call-center  jobs at low pay.  You must have the patience of Job and the hide of a rhinoceros to make a go of it for very long.

The best types of work from home are jobs that  grow out of a single, unique p0sition  formerly anchored in an office that is administrative or professional in  nature.  These are very hard to come by but if you are a tried and true professional, it is not impossible.

Any of the above work environments are worth a try.  Just know at the outset that while to work from home is “trending,” the work itself is as old as the ancient concept of cottage industry.  And before you cry with joy that these jobs are returning from India and other countries, remember, they have come home for a reason.  We no only speak the language needed; we now will accept the pay and benefits that we formerly could not bring ourselves to accept.  It’s a changed world.

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