Shattered Dream- Sharpton and Beck Vie for “Copyright” of MLK’s Message

Posted on August 30, 2010

It has taken Al Jazerra news to say it as it is:

It was all there in plain sight. Martin Luther King Jr’s vision for the future gone wrong. The two rallies – one commemorating the civil rights leader’s speech in 1963, the other promising to “restore honor” and pick-up the mantle of equal rights – ran into each other at 3pm in downtown Washington. [al Jazerra]

Is Al Sharpeton speaking for the King Foundation or Family?  Does he have a copyright on the MLK Dream?  Apparently.  According to his speech in Washington over the weekend, blacks “may not have the Mall [where Beck was holding froth] but they have the message; [they] may not have the platform but [they] have the dream.”

Neither man had MLK at his back.  That original dreamer saw just one rally and just one message.  The message does not belong to any race or political movement any more than that of any of the great prophets did in the past.

Beck IS included in the dream as is Sharpton and all the others who would stand in the shadow of MLK and claim a place.  There is no place to claim.  It is granted to all –  whether coming from the viewpoint of the whites who feel they need to claim a stake in it or the blacks who think MLK  spoke only for and to them.   The rest  is just out and out drama and Beck and Sharpton are known for that more than anything. Beck claimed he did not know the date coincided with the anniversary day  of the “I have a Dream Speech.”  In this circumstance, it is a lot like saying “I didn’t know the gun was loaded.”  But it soon became apparent.  No matter, in the end, both Beck and Sharpton both USED MLK and his dream this past weekend.

We are  in the most troubled times in generations and we are more divided than ever.  Where is the spirit of MLK in our leadership?  Our leaders are each and every TV/radio personality, man of the cloth, or  elected official.  Shame on all of you.  There are not dreamers and men on horseback among you.  If you do not soon come to your senses and share in the responsibility to bring us together to work out of this mess then the chaos to follow will be on all of your collective heads. Sharpton and Beck have proved themselves to be false and I might add embarrassing –  prophets. Keep looking America.