“Trending,” “Vogueing” and Gaging

Posted on August 30, 2010

When Henry Luce ran Time Magazine, some wonderful words were coined.  Now, imagination is in short supply and so  “ing” at the end of a word has to suffice but is there a need?  Aren’t there already sufficient words with clear and understood meanings available?

No doubt but if you don’t update, well, publish or perish has always been operative.  Let’s not deprive revisionists of yet another go at the Book of Common Prayer in the Anglican church.  The Angel of the Annunciation needs some “trending” treatment don’t you think?

In these times of quick quips and sound bites, brevity is king.  It takes too much time and binary bits to say “the up and coming stories at this  hour are….”  It is far simpler to spout out “trending at this hour….”  Still, the gag factor at some of these obvious choices for change is strong in this household.

Trust the Brits to come up with lines and words that put us to shame.  Bangers and Mash have always been a meal, not a situation.  Now comes a situation:  “Goldie kept banging on about the benefits of Bikram and Harry was really interested.” …  Not sure who this Goldie is but Prince harry is the interested party! [Daily Star]

Gag me with a spoon, here’s another new one: “vogueing.”  Won’t  saying ” here are the classic beauties on the red carpet…” do the trick.  Ah, but “trick” has changed as well.  Oh dear.  Change is good but not always wise or well-informed.

OMG – something is trending as I type:

TONY Blair wears silk Union Jack boxer shorts, it has been revealed. [The Star]

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