Under Reported War on the World’s Women Remembered on Day of the Displaced.

Posted on August 31, 2010

Globally, women are falling victim to violence, death and evaporation into nothingness at an alarming rate.  Just this week the gang rape over several days of hundreds of women and young girls in  the Congo right under the nose of UN peacekeepers has been reported. [saharareporters.com]

The most difficult to deal with are the thousands of women globally who simply disappear each year.  They are generally women who have gone to the big cities in search of jobs and who have been abducted into sex slavery, etc.

August 30th is the Day of the Displaced.  This year in Canada, native women came forth demanding an investigation into the fate of “the disappeared.”  Please read this remarkable account of the problem and of one native woman’s assessment of the cause: “colonialism.”  And remember the chilling comment of one:  “Do you really brush something off because it is not open war?”  This is the most outrageously under reported story each year.


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